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Project Xenon360
- Console Replacement Case

Xenon360 M-Series
Matte Black

Project Fantasy360
Replacement Shells
For Xbox360 Wireless Controller

Background Information

Project Fantasy360 is a full case replacement that is built specifically for the wireless Xbox360 controller.

Made from very high quality composite polycarbonate and ABS plastic material, this product fits exactly like OEM, while giving a highly polished and glassy feel to the gamer.

For assurance of quality, we have created a quality mark on several places of the controller faceplate. Please ensure these marks are present to avoid fakes.

For even greater customisation, get the Jewel360 and light up the center button for dramatic effects!

Installation details can be found by clicking on the link below:

Install Instructions


Please direct all customer service enquiries to the email below :


AIM : limtk55
SKYPE : limtk55
MSN : limtk55@hotmail.com

Fantasy Bleu East

When all oxygen has been exhausted in producing a solid flame, it is the tip of that bluish inferno that marks the highest temperature and summit of all triumphs.

Fantasy Clear West

Crystal. Clarity. Understanding. Hallmark of the accomplished individual and the superior strategist. In war, he conquers. In love, he endures. In confusion, he remains calm.

Fantasy Smoke North

Enter into the next dimension. Another time. Another space. This is the era of the fourth ring. The aspect of space that has never been seen nor experienced before by mankind. Until now.

Fantasy Crimson South

The pick of the crop. The harvest of the season. Crimson South tends to your needs as much as the sun keeps us warm. The blood in your veins screams for replenishment. There.

Fantasy Halo Green

The embodiment of purity and indulgence. Involve your senses and fulfil your inner desires. Get in touch with your planetary magic. Let your fantasies take you there.

Fantasy Orange Tange

Disciplined. Like the Navy Seals in SOCOM. Dominant. Like all the speed demons in NFS. Destructive. Like Master Chief in Halo. Don't sweat it. You're sure to find yourself wanting more.

Rainbow Controller S
Controller S Replacement Shells

Background Information

The Rainbow Controller S shells has been with us ever since the first generation Xbox came into play. With colors named after rare and precious jewels, ruby red and sapphire blue are some of the famous names that became synonymous with the Rainbow series of shells.

The Rainbow Controller S shells was also the first ever major case replacement project undertaken by Xtreme Enterprise and this product has since become a popular choice for Xbox gamers due to its ease of installation and high quality.

Make no mistake. We're the industry leaders when it comes to replacement cases.

Installation details are found in HERE.

Sapphire Blue

Crystal Clear
Emerald Green
Citrus Orange
Amethyst Purple
Smoke Black
Citrine Yellow
Ruby Red
Pearl White
Chrome LE

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